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Advertise on this website
If you have a business that would benefit from advertising on 101 Things to Do ... then please review the following options.
Advertising Slots
There are 4 areas on each page each with 10 avaialable 'slots' for adverts. A 'slot' may be purchased on an annual basis and the slot' price varies according to the popularity of the page requested.

You can purchase multiple slots up to a maximum of 5 to increase exposure of your advert on the page you have selected. As there are 10 'slots' per page, one slot gives you a 1:10 chance of your advert being displayed and 5 slots gives a 1:2 or 50:50 chance of your advert being displayed.

Advertising Areas
There are 4 areas on each page where advertisng can be displayed:

You can purchase a slot on a page for any of these areas and there is an option to purchase all four in which case your adverts will be synchronised so that they all display at the same time. This can be especially effective on the popular pages.

Synchronised Slots
For major impact, you can book one or more slots in each area and then request that these adverts are synchronised so that your chosen ad is displayed in all 3 areas at the same time.

Please note that due to the nature and use of this website it would be unfair to accept advertising for accommodation providers on this website and so we don't.